Best Cat Toys

These mouse-shaped cat toys for bored cats help to stimulate the natural hunting instinct of your pet. Use the scoop that comes with the toy to get your pet’s favorite food into the holes on the back of the mouse and hide all five of them. This way, your cat can experience the hunting experience of finding their food in the ‘wild’. They will definitely keep them entertained. The fabric is machine washable, so you can take them apart and wash them easily enough. These toys can benefit both you and your cat by stopping the ‘scarf and barf’ cycle and promoting more consistent sleep and weight management. Plus, your cat won’t be bored if he’s scouring the house for more snacks. Awaken your kitty’s natural instinct while also stimulating her mind and body. And you can do away with your bowls of cat food. Once they are aware they can hunt their food, kitties much prefer it.

Do you have multiple indoor cats to keep busy? Then this is the toy for you! It’s a boxed maze made from reinforced cardboard that you can change based on your cat’s difficulty level and engagement. How cool is that? There are three different pop-up compartments that you can add and change for the maximum play time. Hide treats in the box and watch your cats go crazy trying to find them through holes and barriers. When your cat has mastered all three difficulties, there’s a secret to making it even more challenging for them. Cats of all ages will love this treat maze. You can also use it for toys like mice instead of treats. You can even use it as your cat’s main feeding station, challenging them to hunt down their food. It’s one of the best toys for indoor cats on our list! You’re both going to get hours of fun out of this toy.

Cat’s Meow is one of the best toys for active cats. It works by using a wand under a durable nylon skirt. A motor in the middle rotates the skirt on three different speed settings. But it doesn’t just propel the wand in a circle. Instead, it randomizes the pattern to keep your cat pouncing and guessing. The fact that it’s under fabric adds that air of mystery that cats love – it’s the same concept that keeps them batting at your feet at night. This version comes with a 30-minute shut-off feature, so you don’t have to be afraid of leaving it on while you go do other things. It’s also one of the best toys for cats home alone because you can turn it on before you leave and it will automatically shut off after a healthy play session. This teaser toy is also interactive, as it reacts to the way your cat plays by changing the pattern!

This plastic activity center will keep your cats guessing for months! There are four compartments that can be placed and removed in the base at will to keep your pet guessing. You can use it as a regular feeding station as well, as it dispenses dry cat food with ease. When your cat is done playing with it, you can pop all of the individual pieces in the dishwasher for cleanup. It comes with non-slip rubber feet so it’s good on hard floors as well as carpet. The different compartments to challenge your cat are a sliding knob, a lid, a drawer, and a rope that they can pull. With any luck, your cat will be working at this one for quite sometime before the toy completely divulges its secrets. Among all the cat toys for indoor cats, this one is one of the most interactive and stimulating due to the different areas that your cat can access.

This fairly simple toy is one of the best cat toys for exercise. Essentially, you get 65 inches of rainbow fabric on a flexible wand. You and weave and flick it with your cat for some good quality time that will help them get their energy out at the same time. The fabric itself is brightly colored but also fuzzy and soft, so your cat is going to have a blast biting and clawing at it when you tease them. The company boasts that it is unbreakable, meaning that the wand is flexible and not prone to breaking at all. It’s fun for all ages, and you can even entertain your children at the same time by having them play with the kitties. Your cat is going to love how long and inviting this toy is, and you’re definitely going to enjoy watching them go crazy over it! The colors will stay bright and won’t run, and it’s nontoxic!

This purchase is a multi-pack with several different toys in one package. There are ten high-quality toys in all, including a fishing pole teaser with a fish and bell on the end, as well as a catnip pillow for older cats. There’s a mouse in a cage that rolls around, two crinkle balls, and four mice that have features for tales. There’s also a swaying mouse that they can bat around. Basically, your cat will never be bored with this selection of toys at his disposal. As far as cat toys for cats home alone go, you can’t really beat the variety that comes with this package. And when you get home, you can engage in their play as well with the finish pole! There are multiple ways to entertain your cat with these toys. If your cat loses one, there are plenty more for them to play with. It’s an affordable option for multiple cats, too!

When you’re considering the best cat toys for bored cats, you can’t go wrong with balls. Cats love batting them around and getting them stuck under things, which is why it’s great that there are twelve different brightly-colored soccer balls in this package. They are made of nontoxic sponge materials that are lightweight enough that your cat will love batting them around with very little effort. One of the other benefits of these balls is that your cat won’t keep you up all night while they’re playing, which will definitely help you rest easier! There are, as stated, 32 different balls in this package. There are three pink balls, three green, three blue, and three yellow. When she loses one, just toss her another one from the package. You and your cat will both be happy with these lightweight balls. They’re soft and easy for your cat to entertain themselves with, and you can be entertained.

This cat tunnel is one of the greatest toys for cats home alone during the day. If you have to leave your kitty alone for long periods of time, consider getting them this tunnel. It’s made of polyester and crackle paper that will make neat noises when they run through. If you have small dogs or bunnies, this tunnel can even work overtime to entertain those pets as well (probably not at the same time). There is a peephole in the center of the T-shaped tunnel, as well as a hanging ball with an elastic string that keeps the ball just out of your pet’s reach to keep them busy. It’s sturdy and won’t come off easily, making it the perfect way for your cat to spend hours playing. Everything about this tunnel is aimed towards satisfying your cat’s instincts or entertaining them for long periods of time. Your cats will love this tunnel, and you’ll definitely enjoy it too!

There are a lot of things going on in this interactive cat toy, and that’s a very good thing for your pets. It’s one of the best toys for bored cats, which includes a rotating mouse that your cat can move with its paws. The rotation is kitty-powered rather than relying on batteries! It comes with two other squeaky mice as well to keep multiple cats entertained at once. Your cat can push the mouse to and fro through the tunnels around the inside of the circular base, and on the top, there is a nice felt pad that works well for sharpening their claws. Plus, it encourages your cat to move while playing, which is really good for them! Even the most sedentary of house cats will enjoy some time with this amazing toy. We especially like the felt top for cleaning claws and keeping them sharp, encouraging Fluffy to claw the toy rather than your furniture!

This Roller Cat Toy will keep your feline entertained for weeks! Instead of using feeding as a motivation, this tower uses three different levels of rolling balls to engage your cat’s natural prey-chasing instinct. It’s a simple set-up: there are three multi colored balls on different tracks that your pet can chase. The more they push and pounce, the more the balls are propelled on their tracks. Playing leads to even more fun! On top of that, the balls themselves spin, so your cat will definitely be occupied for some time. It’s a heavy duty plastic, so it can withstand even the biggest, roughest players. We love the guarantee, as well – if your cat doesn’t love it, you can send it back for a full refund. That’s a really neat offer when dealing with finicky cats. If you’re unsure if your cat will like it, it’s still risk-free! 

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