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Our Top Pick is a calming pet wash that you can use on both your cats and dogs to keep their coats healthy and happy! We like that this pet wash works as a shampoo and conditioner, so you can get your cat in and out of the bath quickly – especially if they hate bath time. The hypoallergenic formula soothes dry skin, removes excess dander, and deodorizes their coat without the use of harsh soaps and chemicals. It has aloe vera and oatmeal to reduce itchiness and redness from allergies or bug bites, even if your cat has sensitive skin. You can feel good about using this pet was on your cats, dogs, rabbits, and ferrets because it is cruelty free, vegan friendly, and biodegradable! The 17 oz. bottle is inexpensive and will keep your cat’s coat healthy through several baths, or stock up to use on all your furry friends to keep their skin and coats in great condition!

Our Budget Pick from Burt’s Bees is also our favorite shampoo made especially for your furry new kitties! You don’t need to spend a lot of money on specialty shampoo for your kitty, but it is a good idea to get one made just for its needs. This shampoo is a tearless formula, which won’t irritate your kittie’s sensitive eyes. It’s best to establish a good bath routine early, and a gentle formula will help do that while also keeping your kitten’s coat looking and feeling its best. We like that it uses natural ingredients like buttermilk, honey, and beeswax to help cleanse your kitty’s fur and calm their skin. The 10 oz. bottle is a great size for using with your kitten, since you’ll only need a small amount each time you bathe it, and it will last you through your kitty growing into a full-sized cat. This shampoo may be inexpensive, but it doesn’t act like it!

Another inexpensive option is this shampoo from Oster that we think is the best cat shampoo for dander! This shampoo uses natural ingredients like oatmeal, aloe vera, and coconut to cleanse dander from your cat’s fur. It’s also made without added chemicals like parabens, dyes, or alcohol, which could irritate your cat’s sensitive skin. This is a 4-in-1 formula that allows you to get your cat’s bath time done quickly – no need for an arsenal of different products! It cleanses and conditions your cat’s fur, detangles for easier grooming, and soothes itchy or irritated skin. All that’s left behind after their bath is clean, soft fur and a mild vanilla scent! We also like that this comes in a large 18 oz. size, so it’s perfect to stock up on if you have more than one cat! This is a great shampoo for all cats, but it’s especially great if you have a longhair breed that needs help with detangling!

We are big fans of the brand Earthbath because they have so many varieties of pet grooming products to choose from, and they’re all great! This shampoo and conditioner for cats is a great option if you have a longhaired cat, or if your cat needs a little extra help getting out tangles. This shampoo is made of all natural ingredients perfect for sensitive skin, totally biodegradable, and highly effective. We like that this shampoo cleanses and conditions your cat’s fur in one pass, so you can get them in and out of the bath quickly – perfect for cats who hate bath time! It’s also formulated to work with your cat’s flea treatment, so you don’t have to worry about this shampoo washing it off! We like that it leaves your cat with a mild cherry scent afterwards! If you have multiple cats, they do sell an unscented version to keep things harmonious among all your furry friends!

If you have cats and dogs, consider picking up this shampoo from John Paul, co-founder of the hair care company Paul Mitchell, to keep your cat’s fur happy and healthy! This formula is made for both cats and dogs, which saves time and money by only needing to buy one product! To soothe itchy or irritated skin, this shampoo uses tea tree and eucalyptus oil to gently sweep away excess dander and dirt. It also has natural conditioners like aloe vera to detangle and soften your cat’s fur and reduce shedding. We like that this is a concentrated cleanser, which means you need to use less product, which saves money! They also donate a portion of their proceeds to animal welfare organizations, so you can also do good for other animals while taking care of your own!

Do you have a show cat, or just want your family cat to have that gorgeous, award-winning, glossy fur? The Silky Show Cats Shampoo from Espree is great for both show cats and your favorite house cats to keep their fur looking luxurious and smooth! This formula uses all natural ingredients to gently cleanse your cat’s fur of excess dander and dirt, which can dull their coat’s shine and irritate their skin if not removed regularly. It also includes safflower oil, aloe vera, and silk proteins that strengthen the fur and adds a little extra shine for that show cat glow! We like that this formula adds back natural oils to the fur after cleansing because that helps detangle the fur as it dries and makes grooming your cat much easier. Espree also makes a special cat conditioner you can use with this if your cat needs extra detangling or conditioning – especially if they’re getting ready for their next big show!

If your cat has seasonal allergies, it’s a good idea to find the best cat care that will cleanse its fur without all the hassle and added stress. This foaming cat bath from Vet’s Best is a great option if your cat hates taking baths, isn’t able to properly clean their own fur, or if you just want a quick option to clean them between their regular baths. We like this waterless shampoo because it’s incredibly easy to use! Just gently massage the foam into your cat’s fur, and then wait for it to fully dry. Once the foam is dry, just brush or wipe away the dirt and grime! Pretty easy, right? It uses natural ingredients like oatmeal to soothe skin, and vitamin E to restore strength and shine to fur. We also like that it doesn’t interfere with topical flea repellents, so you don’t have to worry about reapplying expensive flea treatments between each cleaning session.

Whether you have a new kitten, or your cat is a little sensitive to baths, a tearless cat shampoo is a great way to cleanse your kitties without irritation! We like this formula from the brand Four Paws because it works well for both kittens and cats, so you can keep using this throughout your cat’s life. Using a consistent formula and scent will ease their nerves, and help them establish good grooming habits that will last a lifetime. This shampoo has gentle cleansers to remove dirt and dander while soothing itchy spots. It also has added lanolin and keratin to help keep your cat’s fur strong and healthy, which can prevent excess shedding and breakage, especially if they have long hair. We also like that this won’t remove their topical flea or tick treatments, so you don’t have to waste money reapplying. It leaves your cat with a light citrus scent that leaves your cat smelling fresh and clean!

Finding the best cat shampoo for shedding can help your cat’s skin and fur look beautiful while also preventing excess hairballs, which can put a lot of unnecessary stress on your cat’s digestive system. This shampoo from FURminator is formulated specifically to reduce shedding, so your cat can preen and groom itself with fewer hairball issues. It uses all natural ingredients like calendula extract and papaya leaf extract to cleanse their skin to reduce irritation and gently remove excess undercoat during their bath, rather than during their daily self-grooming sessions. The shampoo also has fortifying ingredients like Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to strengthen their fur to prevent breakage and excessive shedding. This not only keeps hairballs to a minimum, but it also helps keep your home looking a bit less hairy too! With regular bathing and grooming with a de-shedding brush, even longhair cat breeds can have a healthy, beautiful coat without the added stress and mess of hairballs!

Our final review today is another great option if you want a waterless shampoo for your cat from Pet Head! This shampoo sprays on evenly to lift away dirt and dander, while also conditioning and strengthening its coat. Once you spray it on, just towel or brush it off to reveal a clean, happy cat! It’s great to use on both kittens and cats of all breeds, and won’t interfere with their flea and tick medication. We also like that this formula is absolutely safe for your cat to lick off, which is great if they happen to do that between spraying and wiping them down – no worries! It also has a sweet blueberry muffin scent you and your cat will love! This is great if your cat hates baths or to give your cat a freshening up between baths! It’s also great if your cat gets into something dirty while traveling, and giving them a bath isn’t an option!

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